Saffron Villa Suite 6

Saffron villa suites stand out from the rest of the house while the suite has been planned as a designer suite. The suite consists of a private verandah overlooking the garden and sea area as well as a double bedroom with a master bathroom with separate doors that lead to the garden, pool as well as the living room. The suite also boasts of a fish filled lily pond while it is the most spacious of the 7 suites in the entire property.

Cinnamon Villa Suite 1

Airy, light and discreet, Suite 1 shares a spacious lounge that opens to an outdoor terrace with the rest of the villa. The suite boasts of a large do


Cinnamon Villa Suite 2

Suite 2 is similar to suite 1 with air-conditioning, a double bed with a mosquito net canopy, en-suite bathroom with a hot shower as well as wardrobe


Cinnamon Villa Suite 3

Cinnamon Villa Suite 3 is a standalone suite that is located adjacent to the library of Apa Thalpeā€™s common lounge area. This is the largest of the